If you live locally or happen to be passing and would like to collect your order or to have a look first before buying we’d be happy to see you. There are however a few points to bear in mind before you pop in.

1/ Hammockology is a web based business. There is no shop and we don’t keep regular hours. YOU MUST CONTACT US BEFOREHAND AND MAKE AN ARRANGEMENT FOR A DEFINITE TIME TO VISIT. We’re sorry if we can’t accommodate you with a time that suits you but we will try.

2/ Most items are in stock here most of the time, however you should enquire about availability before you come.

3/Although many items are available to inspect or even try out not every single product on the website can be test driven. If this is the purpose of your visit talk to us first about whether that particular product is ready to relax in here.

4/ We only charge €5 for delivery and offer a two week money back guarantee. Do you really need to make the trip?

5/ The postal address here is Newcestown but we are actually closer to Beal na Blath just off the road to Bantry. Eircode P72DW60

See you soon.



021 2348479